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Holidays renting

From our beginnings, one of our main activities has been the holidays apartments renting.

We have been two main targets: the best service to the customer and obtaining the best profit for the owner. These two targets are inseparables for us, because a satisfied customer means a loyal one and accepting a highest renting price, then, a better economic result for the owner.

We have been the first renting agency introducing services, today obvious, but really innovatives in that moment like changing weekly bed linen, etc.; special care in the appartment cleaning, including so simple things as toilet paper in the initial kit, improve the apartment equipment (TV, micro waves, washing machine, etc.).

Concerning owners, many years ago we don't use more the old and complicate system for make the seasons liquidation as "income - expenses - our percent", and we adopted the system doing it based in a net price for the owner. So the liquidation is so simple as multiply the number of days x net owner price"

Water and electricity consumptions, and taxes on the apartment are to be paid by owner.

The owner must have the apartment, furniture and its facilities, in perfect condition when the season begins.

The agency must pay all the cleaning, linen, maintenance and small repairs dues to apartment use.

(You can have the complete contract model in our office)